Düzce 1999-2015 – Post earthquake urban rights struggle – Timeline Visualization

This visualization was commissioned by Düzce Umut Atölyesi, an independent urban right association, to be displayed in 2015 Antalya Architectural Biennial. The content is in Turkish and displays the process of 1999 Düzce earthquake victims’ struggle to gain their right to settlement. Its purpose is to show how the legal struggle started, evolved, and ended between victims and the municipality and government.

To create this timeline, I gathered all the documented files until 2015 – including legal documents, news articles, videos, notes – and placed them on a grid. Then, I categorized each item and found relations between them. While sketching the timeline, I found out that a part of the items were related to opposing sides – almost like replies to each other (hence the ‘weird’ zigzag in the middle). I also tried to superimpose related (but limited) analytical data on time.